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Established in 2003, the Homeschool Alliance of North Carolina (HA-NC) is a grass roots, statewide advocacy group of homeschooling families in North Carolina. We strive to empower homeschoolers by providing information, resources and a means for networking so that each may feel confident in making the homeschooling decisions that meet the needs and goals for their families.

We honor and respect the individuality of homeschoolers. We believe that our interests are best served when we are seen by the government, the news media and the general public as diverse people united by our choice to homeschool our children independent from local, state or federal intervention.

Our members are a colorful patchwork of families who embrace a myriad of approaches to education, spirituality and lifestyle. Individually, we are of varied opinions, beliefs and values. We believe that we can all work together to support HA-NCís mission and goals without compromising our personal principles, beliefs and commitments.

We believe...
... homeschoolers should be free to choose homeschooling methods and styles which work best for their individual families.

...homeschoolers cannot and should not be presented as one homogenous group, disrespectful of the rich diversity within.

...homeschoolers are fully capable, when provided with complete and accurate information, to take the necessary actions, when appropriate, to protect their right to homeschool legally.

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